Windermere (Fell Foot) – September 2021

Having re-scheduled and re-venued this trip from a Saturday on the Dee to a Sunday on the Leven due to conflict with another club activity it was terrific to see such a good turnout for the last scheduled trip of the summer flat water season.

Eight of us travelled to NT Fell Foot sacrificing precious fossil fuel for a day’s paddling at the bottom of Lake Windermere. For all of us this was our first paddle at Fell Foot and for Conal, Henry and Colin it was also their first trip with the club.

First task was to get our boats and kit to the water which was a small yomp from the car park. Once there and kitted up we headed leisurely downstream on the Leven towards Newby Bridge and the weir at the Swan Hotel. There and back to Fell Foot was about 2 miles of very pleasant paddling. Current was gentle and a bit blowy heading down but a good warm up.

Back at Fell Foot we stopped for elevenses at the café before heading up along the East bank of Lake Windermere with a stiff breeze behind us for about 2 miles before finding a sheltered little cove with a nice beach (except for a dead squirrel) for lunch. After lunch and with the prospect of a tougher 2 miles into the wind we decided to head back.

Pleasantly weary we returned to Fell Foot although ST1 in his big, green, bus (canoe) did struggle a bit with the wind much to Brandon’s vocal consternation. A big well done to everyone, particularly the first timers for a very enjoyable trip. Will certainly do that one again.