Where and When

Please arrive at High Rid reservoir promptly or shortly before the designated start time. (Please allow time for parking and walking up the lane) . We will start with a welcome briefing which is an important and compulsory aspect for the session so we ask that you please arrive on-time for this. If you are early then you are welcome to wait in the classroom. If you are super early then feel free to get 2000 steps in by walking the 1 mile route around the reservoir which takes about 20 minutes 🙂

The reservoir is on High Rid Lane, which is a continuation of Fall Birch Road off Chorley New Road; the nearest postcode is BL6 4LD but that won’t get you all the way to the gate which is on the left a few hundred yards up the rough track. We would advise approaching from Chorley New road due to the poorer road conditions when approaching from Old Kiln Lane.

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On-site parking is limited and we have to prioritise the coaches who have their own Kayaks and Canoes and for any accessibility requirements; please therefore park on the road/lane, being careful not to cause an obstruction.

Agenda :
– Prompt start in the classroom for an intro with club and safety briefing
– Get Kitted Up
– Warm up
– Split into 3 groups
– Briefing of Craft 1 & On the water
– Quick snack/drink, Briefing of Craft 2 & On the water
– Quick snack/drink, Briefing of Craft 3 & On the water
– De-kit and Debrief.

What to bring:

Feel free to bring your own soft kit (wetsuit etc) if you have it however we have wetsuits, buoyancy aids and wind/spray-proof jackets (cag) available to borrow. 

For the introduction session, we will provide boats and paddles. We ask that on this occasion that you don’t bring your own craft (if you have one) unless this has been pre-arranged due to special requirements. For the introduction day, we typically use open canoes, Stand up paddleboards and Sit-in or sit-on kayaks. 

You will need to wear something under the wetsuit, usually a swimming costume, possibly with a rash vest, thermal top or t-shirt depending on conditions.
A thin fleece for over the wetsuit / under the cag may be useful, High Rid can be very exposed to the wind and can often feel colder than you might expect. You must also wear footwear such as trainers that you are happy to get wet will be fine (not boots, crocs or sandals). During the warmer days, sun cream and sunhat is also advised.

We’re not planning to get you wet but you should assume that it might happen, so only wear stuff that can get soaked and bring a full change of clothes and a towel.

We do have changing facilities and toilets available, but they are basic and we do not have drinking water on-site.

Drink/Snack – You will be spending about an hour to an hour and a half paddling in total with short breaks between sessions, it’s always good to stay hydrated. Please bring hand sanitiser to use after sessions and before eating any food.
We advise that you shower when you return home particularly if you’ve been in the water as all UK water courses are susceptible to contaminants, we would also advise that you try your best to not ingest water should you fall in.

Additional Information

You will be assigned to one of three groups on the day, if it is important to you that you are in the same group as somebody you know who is also attending then please let us know by email (admin@boltoncanoeclub.org.uk).

Please allow for the event to over-run (perhaps by half an hour or so), this allows us to ensure that you have sufficient time on the water as kitting up and changing crafts can take a variable amount of time.

Juniors (up to age 17) must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who must remain on site for the whole session and supervised whilst off the water.

You are not required to try all three craft, you can sit out a craft session however they are all fun and we would encourage you to try them all if you are able to. We do however expect that you try at least one craft.

The club does not take responsibility for any personal items at any time. Where these need to be taken onto the water (e.g. glasses), these should be safely secured, e.g. with an appropriate floating strap. If a club representative does help by looking after something for you then whilst they will do their best, no responsibility is accepted by the club or as an individual for any damage or loss.

Anyone who approaches the water or goes on the slipway will need to wear a buoyancy aid, including non-paddlers. We expect all paddlers to be confident in the water. New members will be required to demonstrate that they can swim 50m in light clothing, although you won’t be asked to do this on the introduction day .

Weather conditions and water quality can affect our ability to run sessions, please keep an eye on your emails or our Event Page in the event that we may need to cancel or postpone at late notice.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, and hope that you will enjoy the session. If you have any questions then please see our FAQ’s or contact us.

Swimming Costume / Swim Shorts
Rash Vest, thermal top or T-Shirt that can get wet
Thin Fleece (if cold) that can get wet
Footwear such as Trainers (not Crocs or Sandals) that can get wet
Change of Clothes
Sun cream, Sunhat/cap if sunny or risk of sunburn
Floating Strap for Glasses
Hand Sanitiser
Plenty of Water and Snacks for between sessions.