Coaches SUP Award course

On Sunday the 3rd of April, 6 of the club coaches completed their British Canoeing Paddlesport SUP Sheltered Water award at Fellfoot on Windermere. All had a great time learning new skills and techniques, being guided by Matt Giblin from Kayak Essentials.

We worked on feeling confident on our boards, being able to manouver them in different positions and how changing our positions affects how we feel on the boards. This helps us understand how to help beginners to work on different positions that make them feel comfortable.

As it was such a lovely day, there were some breaks to rest in the sunshine!

After lunch, the group went on a journey. We ended up paddling confidently and even chatting on the way. Half way through the journey, we worked on rescues making sure we could complete them successfully.

Finally at the end, we had a new experience of creating a SUP raft! This is where the coaches showed their enjoyment of having fun in the water just as much as the juniors!

An excellent day that left all of us feeling ready to do more on our SUPs!