Burrs Beginners’ Trip 17th January 2015

Walking to the get in
Walking to the get in

Lets us start from the beginning! Once upon an average day at Bolton Canoe Club, standing there freezing our socks off in the snow, sleet, thunder and wind (even though we don’t wear socks) and as we disembarked on our grand expedition we entered the icy water. We all thought, STEVE! Why ARE WE HERE! and as we plunged into the subzero waters it all became CRYSTAL clear it is because we are ALL NUTTERS and love excitement.

We are not the type of people who listen to our common sense and stay at home nice and warm and eat COOKIES!. We are the sort of LOONIES who love to go down rapids and getting brain freeze just by sticking your TONGUE out (lol). So I advise you come and join us if you want excitement and to become a human popsicle. So come and joins us at Bolton Canoe Club. I really, really really advise it.

Still snowing whilst on the water!

Mattie Lloyd