We have a hearty youth section at the club, we run a number of trips in parallel with our main events and activities dedicated for our junior members.

I love kayaking at with Bolton Canoe Club, the experienced paddlers are really friendly and pass on their knowledge. Can’t wait until I go paddling again!
A. Fielding

Safety and Welfare

The club takes it’s responsibilities to provide a safe environment for everyone, and to this end, all activities that a junior is attending their guardian must be present throughout – we do not take sole responsibility for juniors. You do not need to participate (although we do encourage you to enjoy paddling with them) we do require you to be on-site. We run events in accordance with our governing policies, please refer to our Documentation page. For more information refer to our Safety page and Welfare page.


There are a number of events that happen throughout the year. Training sessions, trips (rivers, flat water, weekends), junior party’s. Refer to our Events page.

Monday Night Training Sessions

We have a wide range of equipment for junior members of the club to enjoy and develop their paddling. This is a training event, we run these sessions to train members to develop skills to properly paddle on more enjoyable water environments. If you are planning on coming up to a Monday night session at High Rid you need to bring the following:

On the water:

  • Shoes, these are very likely to get wet during the night, they also need to fit well in order that they do not fall off.
  • Fleece to wear between your wetsuit and cag.
  • Swimming trunks / costume to wear under your wetsuit. A rash vest or simmilar to wear on your top under the wetsuit may also be advised.

Off the water:

  • Towel!
  • A warm dry full set of clothes.
  • Dry shoes – remember these especially if you are wearing the shoes you are going to get wet in already.

Remember we do not run lessons – we are a club Monday night is not paddling it is training. Please ensure junior members come with that mind set.


You will be advised if you are able to come on a certain trip, usually they are not age restricted but ability governed. Contact the Event Organiser and Leader for more information on a particular event.