We are a Club whose members vary in skills, qualifications and interests. We are a friendly club with a strong community feeling. A little motto we like to go by is ‘the more you up in the more you get out’. How can we help out and volunteer?

Volunteering  and helping the club is very rewarding. There is a large variety of roles which keep the club running smoothly. Some roles include:

  • taking on a Committee position;
  • event organisers and leaders;
  • coaching and instructing;
  • other non-defined rolls may include: weekly session register, hanging club soft equipment away at the end of summer sessions, moving equipment to and from different events,

all of the above are required for the cub to run well. The designated rolls are described below.


The committee is a small group of people who are elected at AGM’s to oversee the general day-to-day running of the club. There are a number of positions available, for more information please refer to the Committee page.

It is not the roll of the Committee to organise and run events, it is the committee’s job to insure the events are in line with the club’s objectives and in accordance with the clubs policies. If you would like to organise an event please email the club.

Event Organisers

To organise an event you need an idea of what you want to organise: a social gathering, a river trip or flat water paddling for example – anything you fancy. Then contact the Events Coordinator or Chair who will help you facilitate your event.

Coaches and Leaders

Our Coaches and Leaders deliver the event, the event organiser may well be the coach, instructor or leader on the event. for more information about coaching refer to the Coaching page.

The club benefits heavily from the time and energy its members plough in to the club. It is important to recognise that commitment.


While volunteering for the club you are able to log your hours with the Paddlesport Rewards Scheme run by British Canoeing. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator or Chair if you are ready for the log book to be signed and sent off.

For more information on the clubs policies and procedures please refer to the Documentation page.