All our events are conducted in line with our safety policy (found on the Documentation page). It is the roll of the committee to ensure the safe running of events. It is here that it is important to note that any events run by our members which are not denoted as ‘Club Trips’ are not club trips, these are ‘Peer Group Trips’ – organised between members of the club not through the club.

For more information for personal paddling please refer to the British Canoeing’s safety pages.

Organising an Event

Part of the club’s objective is to progress members paddling ability. We can do this by running a wide range of events and activities. These events can be run by any member of the club if the committee deem that member to have the sufficient qualifications.


Part of the club’s objective is to encourage members to become trained. There are many in-house training ‘courses’ that are run and there are formal qualifications that can be organised through the club is there is enough interest. Is there an advantage to be come a qualified paddler?

Qualified Paddlers

There are a number of qualifications that British Canoeing provide. In broad terms they cover the following:

  • Personal Paddling Skills – Stars awards 1 through to 3.
  • Personal Paddling Skills and Leadership Qualifications – Star awards 4 and 5.
  • Coaching Qualifications – UKCC (UK Certificate Scheme) Levels 1 though to 3.
  • Safety and Rescue Courses – Attendance qualifications.
  • First Aid Courses
  • Safeguarding Courses

The club requires a number of members to have formal Coaching Qualifications in order to run both Pool Session training and High Rid training sessions as ‘Lead Coaches’ – for definition refer to club safety policy.