Weekly Sessions

We do not run ‘lessons’ we are a club help each other out to improve to get the most out of paddling – we coach because someone taught us. Be kind and nice to those who are volunteering, cake is always nice!

At High Rid in the Summer sessions you will be assigned to a group to paddle with who will have either a club coach or a club instructor with who will ‘look after’ the group. Any instruction from the club coach or club instructor is a bonus.

Winter Sessions

Winter sessions are held inside at Westhoughton Leisure Center between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Please arrive around 8.15pm to sign up for a prompt start. The cost for half an hour is £5. Please refer to the Pool Rules for more information.


Summer Sessions

Summer sessions are held outside at High Rid Reservoir. Please arrive for 7.00pm for us to be able to have a prompt start on the water at 7.15pm. The evening runs until the sun sets or the wind blows us off the water. We require you to wear shoes at all times on very outdoor sessions (this means shoes that you can fit into boats with and that can get wet and that stay on you). Please refer to High Rid Rules for more information. The cost of the night is £1, if you need to use any of the clubs equipment then an extra £4 is charged bringing the night up to £5.