River Trips

We run a number of river trips from novice trips to expert trips. If you would to run a river that or have other suggestions for different rivers that you have read or heard about please do get in contact with us. The more people we have running trips and events the more you and our members can get out of the club. We advertise our trips on the clubs’ agenda on the website and email the membership to confirm numbers and arrange lifts. We are a beginners club with a strong bias to moving members on to moving water, if you want to run a river trip please do get in contact with the club directly. Club members are encouraged to organise club trips.

Novice Trip

These trips are aimed directly for those who have never been on a river before and require almost one to one direction and instruction down a river. We usually suggest members come on about three or four of these trips to get in the ‘swing’ of paddling river. The usual rives we run for these trips are the Irwell (Burrs Country Park) and the Mersey.

Matt at Burrs
Matt at Burrs

Beginner Trip

Once you are a little more confident we then are able to take sightly larger groups out on the water (roughly six to eight people to two club instructors).  These rivers usually include Irwell (Burrs Country Park), Mersey, Dee and Calder. Novice and beginner trips are also run simultaneously and it is really encouraging seeing beginners and intermediate paddles helping novices out ‘showing them the ropes’ -as it were.

BCC on the River Dee
BCC on the River Dee

Intermediate Trip

For those looking to step up a little more after becoming confident to run Beginner trips we run a number of intermediate trips. These rivers include the Dee, Leven, Lower Tryweryn and the Lune in suitable flows.


Advanced Trips

Advanced trips become more informal trips and club members usually are able to organise these trips between themselves but sill organise them through the club. The rivers include the Kent, Upper Tryweryn and Lune.

Other River Trips

These are run by members of the club but not through the club. Members can use the club Facebook Group to organise these events. We do however stress that these are to be noted as ‘Peer Group Events’ rather than ‘Club Events’.