At Bolton Canoe Club we are developing the structure of our sessions and our panel of coaches to enable both coaches and participents gain benifit from being in Bolton Canoe Club.

Our coaches and leaders deliver events. We do require a number of members to hold formal coaching qualifications in order that the weekly sessions can run. The Lead Coach must hold a formal coaching qualification. If you have a formal coaching qualification and would like to help out we are always keen to hear from you.

We have a number of coaches and instructors who put in a lot of effort and time who do not receive any remuneration for what they do. We do not run lessons – we are a club.

Club Coaches, as defined in the clubs’ safety policy, are members with formal coaching or leadership qualification and who are, at the time of coaching or leading, working within their remit set out by their qualification.

Instructors are club members who do not have a formal coaching or leadership qualification but are considered by the Club Safety Officer (CSO) and Committee suitable to instruct without further supervision for the club. NB: club instructors may hole a formal coaching qualification but at the time of ‘instructing’ are working outside their coaching qualifications remit, for the club.

All club Coaches, Leaders and Instructors have to fulfil the minimum requirments of the safeguarding policy, the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) will have required information.

Club Leaders, as defined in the clubs’ safety policy, are members who have the required skills and knowledge to lead such an event within the chosen discipline. The event leader is the point of contact for all discipline specific items where as the organiser conveys information to those attending.

To this end, any mamber willing to instruct or lead an event for the club may do so after being approved by the Committee.

The committee has a list of approved club instructors and leaders who can deliver events within the club Safety Policy remit. The approved list is broken down into environment conditions and group sizes and is only supplementary to the safety policy.


Coaches, Instructors and Leaders are all invited to coaching meetings which are held at key dates throughout the year. The objectives of the meetings are to share knowledge with each other, plan future training events, hold budgetary meetings, collate ideas for events.

The Coaching & Volunteer Coordinator will conduct the meetings and provide minutes and distribute to relevant members.


It is important to recognise our Coaches, Instructors and Leaders – especially as all their efforts are Voluntary. Refer to the Volunteer Page for more information.